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Swickers – Kingaroy

Swickers – Kingaroy

In November 2016, the community of Kingaroy were greatly affected by a destructive fire through the famous Kingaroy Swickers Bacon Factory. This disaster meant that approximately 600 jobs were at risk and the livelihood of those people and families to whom depended greatly on the Swickers factory, Kingaroy. As such, the re-build and design of the new facility had to be completed in a timely manner.

We were approached by our existing client (principal contractor) in January 2017 to assist in the design process by providing a multifaceted survey solution that would supply them with the specific spatial data required.

As the remains of the destroyed section was still being demolished, site access was extremely limited in some areas. We proposed a combination of Laser Scanning, UAV aerial survey, underground service location and traditional topographic survey to provide the client with a spatial data set that would meet their needs for design and construction.

We were able to complete the surveys within 3 days with minimal disruption to the remaining factory which was still operating. The data was supplied to our client within a short timeframe so they could continue with the design work that would enable them to have the factory up and running on schedule.

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Laser Scanning and BIM Modelling
UAV survey and mapping