Datum and Control Surveys

Datum and control surveys

With increasing use of mapping devices and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) in our community, expertise in coordinate projections, datum and control surveys are becoming increasingly important. Our surveyors can supply a reliable foundation for the establishment of coordinates for a wide range of mapping, construction and development projects.

Coordinates are now commonly used as the foundation for Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) design and construction. With modern technology it is also simple to buy a GNSS device and mark a ‘coordinate’ on the earth. However,

» How can you be sure you have the correct datum or projection settings for your technology?

» Has the datum and the coordinate model you are using been checked for correctness and functionality for your equipment?

» How do you verify what you have established is going to meet the immediate and ongoing accuracy need for your project?

Failure to adequately address these items could mean you are decimetres or metres away from the correct position. This may result in very significant costs for rework or design changes at a later date.

Land Solution Australia are experts when it comes to measurements and coordinates over long distances. We often apply our knowledge to aerial mapping, LIDAR and control networks for infrastructure and construction.


Our services include

We provide Datum and General Purpose Control Surveys under ICSM SP1 standards in the following areas:

» Ground control for orthorectification of aerial LIDAR or imagery
» Primary control networks for infrastructure including railways, highways and pipelines.
» Improvement in the geodetic position of the DCDB and other mapping overlays
» Transformation of global (geodetic)co-ordinates to a local site coordinate datum.
» Verifying 3DModels and site calibrations for GNSS machine control
» Creating datum points or benchmarks for construction projects
» Advising and establishing suitable datum’s for a specific project requirements.


Need help with datum and control surveys?

If you’re unsure of what needs to be done for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable survey consultants will work with you to determine which services best suit your requirements.