UAV and Aerial Mapping

UAV and aerial mapping services

Land Solution Australia offers Aerial Mapping services via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or (UAV). This product is capable of acquisitioning very high resolution orthographic images and elevation data in a relatively short timeframe.

Ideally suited to construction progress photography, surface Digital Elevation Models (DEM) and volumes its application can assist agriculture, infrastructure planning, asset mapping and mining.

Aerial mapping refers to the taking of photographs of the ground from an unsupported aerial platform. For surveying applications these aerial photographs must be geometrically corrected for perspective and terrain so it is useable as a map.

We call this an orthophoto. Once you have an orthophoto, the image can be widely deployed for use in a variety of uses for enhanced spatial analysis of the project area.


Our services include

Land Solution Australia’s Surveyors are capable of flying these drones. We can provide a long list of UAV and Aerial mapping services including:

» Construction progress photography and DTM’s
» Progress volumes, quantities and profiles
» Asset mapping
» Infrastructure planning and route selection
» Mining and agriculture (infrared imagery)
» Disaster Management
» Aerial mapping and UAV consulting services


Need help with UAV and aerial mapping?

If you’re unsure of what needs to be done for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable survey consultants will work with you to determine which services best suit your requirements.

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