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Land Development & Title Registration

Land development services

If you plan to subdivide or develop land or property, Land Solution Australia can advise and submit applications with local and state government on your behalf to achieve a successful title reconfiguration outcome for your development. At Land Solution Australia we recognise the importance of providing an efficient consultancy service in the preparation of basic development applications. Our Cadastral Surveyors understand the complete development process through to title registration.

This means we are able provide a complete basic land development service, minimising the need for you to engage a variety of consultants.


Residential subdivision services

The process for a simple subdivision or reconfiguration of a lot (ROL) includes:

» Obtain planning approval from local government
» Payment of application and infrastructure charges
» Operational, minor sewer, water works and charges
» Preparation of a survey plan by a Cadastral Surveyor and submission with council for plan sealing
» Submission of the sealed survey plan with the Land Titles Registry for issue of new titles under the Land Title Act 1994.


Master planning services

Large scale development such as where new roads are needed, usually requires the expertise a multidisciplinary team of town planners, engineers, surveyors and urban designers.

This is also known as Masterplanning.

For these types of development, Land Solution Australia offer these development services:

» Contour and detail surveys that define the restrictions, size and shape of the existing and adjoining land
» Lot design and proposal plans for development applications
» Set out and as constructed surveys for building, construction and civil works
» Pre-sale (Disclosure) plans for proposed lots under amendments to the Land Sales Act and other associated regulations
» Survey plans for the creation of new title and easements (standard, building and volumetric)
» Plan sealing with local government authorities
» Plan Lodgement with the Land Titles Registry for the creation of the new title.


Need advice about land developments?

If you’re unsure of what needs to be done for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable survey consultants will work with you to determine which services best suit your requirements.

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