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Land Solution is a surveying firm based in Brisbane. Made up of expert survey and spatial consultants, Land Solution is known for empowering our clients’ projects with award winning, practical solutions.

We are living in a digital economy where data is more valuable than ever. It’s the key in the smooth operation of everything from government, small business to individuals. Complex processes like development, design, construction, and asset management need precise and accurate data.

That’s why Land Solution Australia exists.

Our team of qualified experts specialise in measurement data, surveying, spatial information, structural monitoring, and data management. We specialise in providing you the highest quality data and information available. That’s why our services don’t just give you any outcome. They focus on enhancing and empowering your decision making on projects. Our data and services aid in reducing risk, improving safety, and increasing efficiency. No matter the size or complexity of your project, Land Solution can do it.

Our expertise, unique innovation and experience, helps us identify and solve problems before they occur, giving you the distinct edge on your next tender or project. Only our trusted and reliable services can fuel these efficient and productive outcomes. Saving you time and money.

We’re passionate about what we do. Some might call us data nerds and we’re ok with that. We work with professionalism, expertise, efficiency, and an unmatched drive for quality. Our proactive approach ensures you deliver on time and on budget. We work alongside your people to ensure we exceed your expectations.

If you need surveying in Brisbane or South East Queensland, give us a call today.

Industry Awards

Monitum is a global leader in structural and geotechnical monitoring for complex infrastructure maintenance and construction projects.

Monitum’ s services assist you to minimise risk by ensuring high quality data from a tailored network of connected IoT sensors and cloud-based technology.


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