Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning Services

Land Solution Australia delivers the highest levels of precise positioning and threedimensional (3D) documentation through laser scanning technology and services. Terrestrial laser scanners collect millions of 3D measurement points that produce exceedingly detailed images of complicated environments and geometries.

With a broad range of industry applications from construction through to cultural preservation, terrestrial or 3D laser scanning has broadened the possibilities for consumers when it comes to measuring and documenting the built and natural environment.


Our services include

Land Solution Australia can provide a wide range of laser scanning services including:

» Documentation of buildings, tunnels and structures
» Industrial and Mining plant maintenance and design
» Visualisation, view and aspect analysis
» Accident and forensic crime scene documentation
» Construction as built and conformance reporting
» Civil earthworks calculations of irregular shapes and stockpiles
» Topography, rock faces, caves, vegetation and cultural heritage
» Laser scanning consulting services
» Architectural and residential buildings


Need help with laser scanning?

If you’re unsure of what needs to be done for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our knowledgeable survey consultants will work with you to determine which services best suit your requirements.

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