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Queensland State Velodrome

Queensland State Velodrome

Queensland State Velodrome

Constructed for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, the Queensland State Velodrome was a $59m project. Built to international standards, the Velodromes design provides an indoor environment with no internal columns to obstruct views for the spectators. Due to the size and complexity of this project, both Monitum and Land Solution provided services to the client. Land Solution provided surveying services, including construction surveys, with our R&D company, Monitum providing monitoring for the stadium.


How we did it

Given the complex design, our client needed a surveying consultant that could provide proactive solutions to their most demanding construction challenges. Land Solution initially provided precise construction surveys for the client, forming the base for their work. Consultation with the client and key stakeholders helped us determine specific challenges and how best to approach them. Additionally, our early appointment on the project allowed us to leverage our geospatial knowledge to the benefit of the client.
Land Solution surveyors worked in both traditional construction and 3D constructible realms. Undertaking laser scans and BIM integration to meet our client’s needs. We provided services through all stages of the project, from raising sections of the steel roof to assisting track builders in the construction of the wooden track surface.
Since construction, Monitum were responsible for ongoing monitoring of the stadium. These services included terrestrial laser scanning, automated tilt and environmental IoT monitoring.


The automated monitoring undertaken, enabled the client to monitor the health of the structure over time. While also ensuring maintenance, of this state public infrastructure. We succeeded in being able to provide our client with both accurate construction surveys, set-out and management. As well as a proactive problem-solving approach to many of the construction and design challenges the client faced.



Queensland Spatial Excellence Award: Technical Excellence

Our services were used throughout multiple stages of this project, and resulted in Land Solution being awarded the 2015 ASPEA award for Technical Excellence in Surveying.

Client Category


As-built surveys
Dilapidation surveys
Building and Civil set out
Laser Scanning