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North Harbour

North Harbour

North Harbour is a major multi-stage subdivision and community development project located 45km North of Brisbane. We began providing services to the principal contractor in 2016 and as the development has matured and grown so have our range of services.

The main way we’re helping our clients on this project is with our detailed engineering surveying services. Initially this was by providing setout for the construction of the individual stages; throughout the course of the project we’ve provided the following additional services:

  • UAV services for: calculation of bulk earthworks volumes, engineering design and planning;
  • Management and preparation of GNSS machine control units and files;
  • Engineering surveying setout and as-constructed surveys to TMR standards.

Our services at North Harbour are ongoing and we’re proud to be enabling our clients to reach their milestones and continue to provide an award winning community to current and future residents.

Client Category


On-Maintenace, as built delivery surveys
ADAC and ASPEC compliance surveys
Engineering and control surveys
Progressive volume surveys
As-built and compliance surveys