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Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) – Redbank

Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) – Redbank

MILVEHCOE is the regional hub for international defence contractor Rheinmetall. Located in the Redbank industrial area west of Brisbane, when complete, the facility will manage the delivery of vehicles for the Australian Army and facilitate additional builds and design programs.

Given the overall size of the site, multiple large buildings, complex civil construction and differing applications our client required an experienced surveying professional that could assist them in the construction phase of this project. Managing the survey requirements of a large-scale site such as MILVEHCOE required a high level of communication, planning and also an in-depth knowledge of the construction process and its design. Our surveyors had over 20 years of high-level international construction experience and were more than capable of assisting our clients through this project.

Throughout the course of the project we have assisted both the principal contractor and multiple sub-contractors in bringing this project to fruition. Initially providing UAV surveys for Bulk Earthworks Volumes and management of GNSS machine control, we have been involved with most facets of the project.

Through a collaborative and proactive approach, we’ve enabled our clients to reach their deadlines and construct a facility that is world class.

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As-built and boundary surveys
As built and compliance surveys
Engineering and control surveys