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Jubilee Place Exoskeleton

Jubilee Place Exoskeleton

Jubilee Place Exoskeleton

Jubilee Place is a state-of-the-art, 15 level commercial building located in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. Its re-development is part of the rejuvenation of the King Street precinct. The $113 million dollar project is a blend of old and new by fusing the 133-year-old historic and heritage listed Jubilee Hotel into its unique cantilever design.

This unique project features an intricate geometric exoskeleton that hangs over the hotel made from bespoke prefabricated steel members, joined by a series of nodes. The members and nodes are precision manufactured locally in Brisbane, then transported to site for real time assembly.

The innovative design had strict weight restrictions to minimise the load on the Clem 7 tunnel below. Traditional building materials were replaced with lightweight alternatives. The exoskeleton provides the necessary structural stability with only 4 internal columns on each level of the building.


How we did it

At the start of the project, we were presented with a problem: “We are going to have all this steel hanging high up in the air, how are we going to know it’s in the right spot?”

There were extremely tight measurement tolerances on both the steel assembly and the position of the structure within the Volumetric land parcel.

The build process for the exoskeleton was somewhat unknown to everyone. This type of structure had never been done in Australia before. Our client trusted that we would provide the certainty that would allow the composite steel structure to progress and facilitate the work of other trades behind it. The implications of the steel erection being delayed/wrong would be extremely significant in both time and costs. Therefore, we had to develop a method of survey that would be highly accurate but also practical and cost effective to implement. 

The Land Solution Australia team developed a new two-pronged approach for the quality assurance of the steel assembly:

  1. Terrestrial total station observations from the ground to defined points on the structure.
  2. 3D laser scanning of complex shaped structural steel elements.

The combination of the two methods worked perfectly together as we could use the most appropriate method, depending on the situation.



Land Solution Australia were fundamental in the completion of the iconic Jubilee Place. The most crucial aspect of the build was to deliver accurate and timely findings on the position of the structural steel assembly. Using our information, the stakeholders could progress the build with confidence knowing that the true position of the building is within millimetres of its design location. The structure has now progressed to final completion without delay. In turn saving many hundreds of man hours in re-work. In no small part, thanks to the diligence of Land Solution Australia.


The overall contribution to the client was summed up in this statement by the Senior Project Manager for Jubilee Place:

“Being a structural steel composite structure, the services of Land Solution Australia has contributed positively to the successful construction of the Jubilee Place project, with each of the supporting diagrid structure elements required to be positioned perfectly. The diverse skills within Land Solution Australia, have provided us with the confidence necessary to achieve certainty of the outcome for the complex structure”.


If you would like to request a case study for this project please contact us here.

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