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Brisbane Airport – International and Domestic Terminal Upgrade

Brisbane Airport – International and Domestic Terminal Upgrade

The planned upgrade of both domestic and international terminals required an accurate combined 3D model and point-cloud across the majority of the structures for design and planning purposes. Through consultation with our clients we were able to help them see the ongoing benefits of an active Digital Twin and BIM model for the terminals; both for a design and asset management perspective.

Given the complex working nature of the terminals our work had to be conducted in an extremely time flexible manner, while also completing the survey to an overall predetermined time deadline. Through consultation with our clients, key stakeholders and business operating within the terminal we were able to complete over 8,000 individual Laser Scans in a 3 month period. All with very little disruption to the public, terminal staff or businesses.

To facilitate delivery time frames for our clients, we able to begin to prepare and produce the deliverable 3D models while still Laser Scanning other parts of the terminals; enabling our client to continue their design work on the future upgrade.

Through a collaborative and proactive approach to the timeframes and existing functions of the terminals we were able to provide the client with the solutions required within their timeframes


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Laser Scanning and BIM Modelling