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Lease surveys – The Clayfield

Lease surveys – The Clayfield

Our client had recently finalised construction of its new five storey independent living building that contains 65 individual units. We were engaged to provide individual Lease Plans for each unit, together with Master Sketches for each level.

Given the nature of a retirement village there was a specified time window in which we could perform the field measurements each day, our client also had a rather short deadline to have the final Lease Plans delivered. Due to these challenges, and that some of the units were already tenanted, we laser scanned the entire building.

This approach allowed us to perform the field measurement with minimal disruption to the existing residents and in a timely manner. We produced Lease Plans suitable for registration with the Titles department for each unit from these Laser Scans.

By using this non-traditional method, we were able to assist our clients in meeting their deadline while performing the work within the allotted time each day and not disturbing the residents of the village.

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Leases of Building Units and Master plans