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Southpoint Development

Southpoint Development

Southpoint Development

Land Solution Australia used automated infrastructure monitoring to mitigate the risk of damage to critical infrastructure corridors during the $600M Southpoint development.

This project lasted 24 months and was a sensitive and complicated construction challenge. Foundations for three new buildings were being constructed beside critical transport corridors and a 128-year-old heritage-listed Brisbane landmark. During development, builders raised the 330 tonne Collins Place approximately 800mm from its original location.

Because the neighbouring deep excavation could de-stabilise rail infrastructure and cause significant delays. Queensland Rail engaged us to monitor South Bank Station, one of Brisbane’s busiest train stations. Furthermore, us also monitored Melbourne Street tunnel during development.


How we did it

Automated monitoring presented our client an opportunity to capture critical, real-time data allowing them to manage infrastructure health, without blowing their budget.

Our team attached sensors and equipment to critical points on Collins Place, providing multiple layers of protection and reducing the risk of damage whilst it was raised millimeters at a time. Lasting several days, the undamaged Collins Place reached its final resting point, 9 meters from its original location.

For South Bank Station, we used a real time notification and alerting system. This system immediately reported any displacement of an asset to project staff and rail network control. This was an optimal solution for the client and stakeholders, as the system required minimal maintenance lowering disruptions to services.

The bus tunnel presented a unique challenge for our sensors and equipment. Changing atmospheric conditions and interference from electrical devices occurred within the tunnel. However, the interference with measurements was managed by the teams teams extensive knowledge and experience in surveying.



Through the development of Southpoint, our automated monitoring system proved vital to not only the primary contractors on the project, but also asset holders in the surrounding area.

The ongoing data capture of automated monitoring over the once-off surveying capture method, presented a flexible option to meet the requirements of the project. Not only for state heritage asset management criteria and stakeholder management, but for the budget and success of the project.

Over 10,000 survey measurements were taken daily across multiple sites during construction, enhancing the safety on site and of surrounding assets. While also providing valuable information to primary contractors allowing them to make informed decisions about their construction project.

Since Southpoint, Land Solution Australia created Monitum, a company dedicated automated monitoring for heritage, infrastructure, transport and construction. Monitum has since implemented these solutions on a variety of projects throughout South-East Queensland. These projects enabled the team to further develop and refine the technology, techniques and systems used.



Queensland Spatial Excellence Award: Innovation & Commercialisation.


Land Solution Australia was awarded an innovation and commercialisation award at the Queensland Spatial Excellence awards for our work on the Southpoint development in Brisbane.


UPG’s Rodd Yann said this about the project:

“We had to deal with the constraints of a live project, with very busy public transport utilities always being utilised. This environment enabled Land Solution Australia to create a fully automated geospatial ecosystem, requiring a solid understanding of the project’s evolution.

The project was innovative in that it utilised geotechnical sensors as well as conventional surveying tools. It was also critical to put in place a good IT infrastructure and for the team to have good relationships with all the parties involved.

Overall management of the solution by a professional surveyor committed to the needs of his client was critical for the successful delivery of the project.”


Case study

If you’re wanting a more in depth look at the work we did on Southpoint get in touch here and request a copy of our case study.

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