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Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs

Peregian Springs Water Reservoir

Located on the Sunshine Coast, Peregian Springs is home to a large-scale housing estate of the same name. Construction of the Peregian Spring Estate involved modifying land near a water tank, already supplying water to a community of over 12,000 residents. This was precisely the challenge faced by our client when constructing the Peregian Spring Estate development. Because of the scale of earthworks, risk of damaging infrastructure was high. Therefore, they needed high-quality asset management, which would later prove crucial to the success of this project.


How we did it

Approached during the procurement phase, Monitum recommended an automated monitoring system, to ensure safety of the water tower. Monitoring in real-time, this solution supported the clients project bid and ensured high quality asset management over the lifetime of the project.

Automated measurement data combined with vibration sensor data routinely monitored construction disturbance and impact to the nearby Peregian Springs Water Reservoir Tank. Both displacement and vibration monitoring occurred before and during construction. This not only monitored the construction activity but also any resulting impact or displacement on this critical infrastructure. The system operated in stages for over 2 years, where contractors and asset owners received information gathered from the system. The spatial information provided, gave them a crucial understanding of what was occurring on site and when, allowing informed decision making about future works. The system also provided alerts in real time, via the cloud.



Because of the robotic consistency and accuracy provided through the monitoring system. It reduced overall insurance premiums and enhanced the client’s reputation in the industry and to the asset owners. The enabled construction of the estate to proceed. All at reduced risk of damage to the water tower. Because of this successful outcome, our client received further opportunities in subsequent construction phases of the estate.

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Monitoring Design and Installation
Automated Monitoring
Routine Vibration and Structural Monitoring