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Brisbane Airport Terminals

Brisbane Airport Terminals

Brisbane Airport Digital Twin

In preparation for planned airport upgrades, Land Solution demonstrated the benefits of laser scanning and 3D modelling for our client. This lead to construction of a Digital Twin and BIM model for design and asset management purposes.

How we did it

To accomplish this monumental task, we used a laser scanner to capture both Domestic and International terminals. The team then began 3D modelling both terminals, based on the laser scan data. Due to the complex working nature of airport terminals; we had to conduct works in a time flexible manner. We consulted our clients, key stakeholders and business owners operating in the terminals; reducing overall impact. Doing this ensured completion of over 8,000 individual laser scans in a 3 month period, meeting a predetermined deadline. We prepared, produced and delivered 3D models while laser scanning other terminal areas. Importantly, this enabled our client to continue their design work on the future upgrade.


These scans occurred with little disruption to the public, terminal staff or businesses. In addition, our innovative approach on this project, ensured there was little impact on the operation of the airport.

Further information on Land Solution Australia’s Laser Scanning capabilities can be found here.



Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award (Queensland): Spatial Enablement

Furthermore, because of our Laser Scanning work, this project was recognised in the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards. With the judges praising the scale and variability of the project, in addition to praising the high-quality representation it allows.

“The BAC Digital Twin project has provided the foundation that will spatially enable one of Australia’s busiest transport hubs to become a world-class asset and allow alignment with industry best practice. The project enables data-based decisions and paves the way to transform the way the business operates, using state of the art planning and visualisation with actual 3D spatial data to inform everything from terminal planning, service and maintenance, enhanced border security, emergency response to building and tenancy management.”

– SIBA | GITA Industry Award Judges

Client Category


Laser Scanning and BIM Modelling