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Mephisto Tank

Mephisto Tank

The Mephisto Tank

This project involved the relocation and transportation of the German Tank, Mephisto. This project was a complex engineering and architectural challenge, because it involved one of the rarest WWI relics. Due to the difficulty, the Land Solution team utilised laser scanning and 3D modelling.

Our initial involvement in the project, came following consultation with an existing client. They explained the challenges they faced, and we worked together to develop a scope of work.

How we did it

The scope of this work aided in the design of systems used to transport Mephisto and the redesign of the gallery space at the Queensland Museum.

The client required the exact specifications and a 3D model of the tank, for the gallery redesign and transport. In line with the scope of work, laser scanning of the tank, gallery space and the proposed transport route at the museum were undertaken. Because the gallery was so compact it made laser scanning difficult. However, despite this limitation the team completed the final laser scan of the tank once wrapped for transport. The 3D model made from the scan, contained the information needed to re-design the gallery space and sub-floor structural steel.

Upon delivery to the museum, the 3D model further aided in planning the movements of the tank into the gallery. Only 40mm separated the entry and the tank from its new location within the museum. Laser scanning the tank proved to be the critical factor in the success of its safe movement.


The consultation with the client and the information they provided, was critical in the success of the tank’s movement. This information combined with our geospatial knowledge, ensured the safest outcome during transport. The laser scanning and modelling also ensured the re-design of the new ANZAC Gallery at the Queensland Museum, would support the tanks weight.

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