Technical Excellent Award - QLD State Velodrome

Queensland State Velodrome

This project is located at the Sleeman Sports Centre, Chandler, Brisbane and commenced in 2014. Once completed Brisbane will gain a leading advanced indoor international Velodrome facility. The Velodrome will house a world class timber track with a streamlined roof designed to overcome weather limitations of the current outdoor facility. This future Velodrome will become a sophisticated complex envious of others to meet the demands of future sports events in particularly the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Our innovation

The opportunity to be involved in the project consulting team meant Land Solution Australia had the ability to work closely with our client before the site was established. Therefore, a Dilapidation Survey assessing the area was initially undertaken for our client.  This set up a platform for the construction that meant minimal design rework on commencement. The construction involves complicated shapes and design and the skills of our Registered surveyors in the regions of 3D constructible model development, BIM integration and 3D Laser scanning has been employed to maximise the efficiency of the build. To provide their client and other sub-contractors consistent quality in the delivery of survey requirements, we have proactively problem solved to minimise risk and promote mitigation solutions to ensure confidence in meeting project deadlines.

Recommendation of a smart solution

By establishing the site prior to finalisation of design, Land Solution Australia has provided their client validated site coordinates for all design and construction elements. Risk has also been minimised for the managing contractor by managing all set out requirements on site for sub contractors. This has led to less duplication and eliminated the potential for conflict between trades saving time and costs where possible.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia are actively recommending smarter ways through a consistency of service to their client and their sub-contractors to ensure continuity and quality of construction and a positive environment for enhanced communication and collaboration throughout the build.