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Welcome To Land Solution Australia

When it comes to valuable assets such as your environment, land, property or construction a ‘trusted understanding’ comes when you engage specialist knowledge and advice to help understand their complicated nature and any regulations that might apply.

Land Solution Australia was established in Brisbane, Queensland in 2008 to provide that trusted understanding in a changing world. Today, our company founder Lee Hellen and our team of like-minded professional consulting surveyors combine their unique knowledge and experience to deliver precise information and innovative products that give greater efficiency and value.

We provide specialist knowledge and products in the areas of

  • The development approval process; feasibility to plan sealing and title.
  • Boundaries, innovative titling solutions, leases and other interests in land and property.
  • The building and construction process – from design through to as constructed records.
  • Mapping coordinate systems , datum’s and spatial data management.
  • Measurement /Information technology evaluation and implementation.

Regardless of size or complexity, by listening to your understanding, needs and expectations our team will recommend a smart surveying, spatial information or project management solution to your project requirements.

Industry Awards

2018 Spatial Enablement AwardQSEA -2018

Industry Award Winner for Spatial Enablement, Herston Quarter, Brisbane



Innovation and Commercialisation Award 2017 QSEA -2017

Industry Award Winner for Innovation and Commercialisation, Queens Wharf, Brisbane

 QSEA -2016

Industry Award Finalist for Spatial Enablement for the Brisbane Polo Club, Brisbane

Technical Excellent Award - QLD State Velodrome QSEA -2015

Industry Award Winner for the Queensland State Velodrome, Chandler

Cover QSEA - 2014 Industry Runner Up Technical Excellence

QSEA – 2014

Industry Runner Up for Technical Excellence for the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Southport

QSEA_2014_SIBA_IC copy

QSEA 2014

Industry Award Winner for Innovation and Commercialisation for the Southpoint Development Monitoring, Southbank

QSEA 2013 TRI Building

QSEA 2013

Industry Highly Commended Award for Technical Excellence for the Translational Research Institute, P A Hospital

Meet the Team

Land Solution Australia are a team of dedicated professionals, passionate about the services they provide 
and delivering efficiency for those whom we serve.

Lee Hellen <small>- Director</small>

Lee Hellen - Director

Surveying Degree, Post Grad,
Professional Registration & 20+ years experience

Lee, founded Land Solution Australia based on his ‘passion’ for the surveying industry, actually he can get pretty excited about it’s history and its future. Well respected for his work in the industry, he could be known as the next ‘innovator’ and business leader of his industry as Lee breaths and thinks quality service delivery. Lee is here for the long haul he loves what he does! Lee shares the company’s success with his clients, staff and other members of the industry. Alternatively, if you have shared a basketball court with him, you would know – he’s a team player!

Mathew Heap

Mathew Heap

Surveying Degree with Honours,
Professional Registration & 14 years experience

Mat brings 10 years experience to the team with his calm collective approach to meticulously delivering on detailed surveying, Mat is the ‘cool dude’ in the team. He brings to the team a natural unassuming manner that clients find it easy to talk to him. Another globetrotter, Mat enjoys basketball too and although he plays for a different team, we secretly think his team wants to beat Lee’s team!

Ben Moritz

Ben Moritz

Surveying Degree with Honours,
Professional Registration & 15 years experience

After globetrotting the world, Ben has swapped his backpack for a GNSS unit and joins our team bringing with him 10+ years in project and surveying experience. Our Ben is best described as quietly astute, ‘getting the job done’ through extensive construction and land development experience. His professional approach compliments his interest in golf, cricket and AFL while enjoying the odd concert or two as a fan of indie rock! Secretly, Ben’s a Rocker!

Todd Morschel

Todd Morschel

Surveying Degree Professional Registration & 14 years experience

We are pleased to welcome Todd to the team. Todd brings with him 10 years surveying experience and a great ‘can do’ attitude, that in his initial settling time, the business has received positive feedback from clients that Todd has helped. You could say that Todd is a planner, an organiser and a team player, he has settled into the team dynamic very quickly. When he is not surveying the lands, Todd takes time out to enjoy jazz, a bit of funk and when time permits, he may be deep in thought about ‘the meaning of life’.

Sam Cronin

Sam Cronin

Survey Technician with 5 years experience

On joining our team we quickly discovered that our Sam has certainly proven his worth, his ability to grasp tasks quickly and deliver efficiently has demonstrated to us that he is a team player! Sam has the potential to become a professional surveyor once he has completed his studies and with talents on the soccer field too, which the way Sam is going will not take him long to catch a full volley and kick a goal! Yeah, go Sammy, go!

Shane Frischkorn

Shane Frischkorn

Bachelor of Applied Science & Bachelor of Science, degree in Earth Science & Geoscience & 8 years experience

We are excited to have Shane join us and whether it’s in the name, Shane also has talents in IT! With an abundance of commercial and project experience, Shane brings to the team a wealth of knowledge and understanding in the field of Geotechnical work. Some may think that Shane is passionate about rocks! And he is! Shane’s other passion is taking to the freeways enjoying his ‘easy rider’ jaunts on his Honda and listening to heavy metal rock! And when he is not wearing his leathers, Shane enjoys family time camping and reminiscing of his globetrotting travels. .

Jun Wang

Jun Wang

Surveying Degree Professional Registration & 12 years experience

We are very pleased to have Jun join our team, bringing with him more than 10 years of diverse experience in the spatial industry as an GNSS professional. If Jun is not seeking solutions, examining data or analysing the importance and relevance of the latest geospatial technology, he has told us that he is a big fan of basketball, soccer and table tennis and plays for fun. And when Jun is not busy at work, he enjoys time out with his family, playing “Elsa” with his daughter and bottle feeding his son. Overall Jun brings to the team a wicked sense of humour and good laughter.

Abigail Brown

Abigail Brown

Masters in Science Surveying Degree with 5 years plus experience

We are thrilled to have Abi join our team and on her first day she had rolled up her sleeves and got stuck in producing fabulous work for our clients. Our Abi describes herself as a ‘team-player’ who has an interest in wildlife conservation, travel and photography. What we have discovered is her cheerful disposition and her ability to fit into the team so quickly, she has become our ‘laser scanner guru’. In her spare time, Abi enjoys discovering the highlights of Brisbane and south-east Queensland.

Fletcher Pearce

Fletcher Pearce

Surveying Degree with 12 years experience

We are excited to have Fletch join the team. He has quickly settled into his role, the team and doing a tremendous job working closely with our clients. Fletch brings to the team a wealth of engineering and civil surveying experience, his wonderful sense of humour is contagious, a great team member. In his early years Fletch enjoyed touch football, soccer and left-handed golfing – quite the all-rounder. His love of board gaming has opened our awareness to another world of mental challenges, socializing and competition in the spirit of fun, found in playing board games. When Fletch is not board gaming he is enjoying time with his family, cycling to the local restaurants in Sandgate and settling back into Brisbane life.

David Stacey

David Stacey

Surveying Degree with 13+ years’ experience

The team are thrilled that David has joined them, bringing with him a wealth of experience from New Zealand and England. During David’s globetrotting days travelling the UK and Europe, he found the beauty of the Black Forest mountainous region one of his favourite places.

David is ‘hands-on’, committed to producing high quality work and achieving results. He brings to the business a wonderful ability to interact on all levels, an excellent eye for detail.

When David is not working hard, he is dreaming of his next marathon race having accomplished many London, Berlin and Paris events – a trailblazer waiting for his next marathon.

Anthony Cramphorn

Anthony Cramphorn

1st year Surveying Student

It is always exciting to provide training, mentoring, coaching and practical experience to an enthusiastic trainee. We are very pleased to welcome Anthony into the team and he has shown great team spirit and a thirst to learn. Anthony brings to his role excellent customer care, a ‘get up and go’ approach to getting the job done and a willingness to support the team. An attribute that clearly started early when Anthony took up competitive golfing at the age of 10 and obtained ‘Junior of the Year’ trophy to boot! During his spare time Anthony enjoys outdoor activities, he really enjoys swimming and spending time with his wife, Yoda and Missy.

Haoyuan Chen

Haoyuan Chen

Surveying & Deformation Monitoring degree with 12+ year’s experience

We welcome to the team Haoyuan, known to us as our Vincent. Vincent has fitted into the group very quickly, a ‘hands-on’ team player. He describes himself as very dedicated to his work and clients. His analytic thinking gives him the advantage to plan ahead, prepare and become the ‘trusted advisor’.
When Vincent is not monitoring, he enjoys learning, discovering new cultures and getting to know others. He loves different cuisines and said he is “a pretty good cook”. Vincent enjoys both the indoors and outdoors, especially walking along the beaches of Queensland.

Nita Lorimer

Nita Lorimer

30+ years experience

We could go on about the talents of Nita but I think the years of experience speak for themselves. You could say that her infrastructure management experience in consulting, sales, marketing, client services, finance, quality and WHS across the services industries and professional services organisations would mean, she gets the job done!

Ainsley Hall

Ainsley Hall

20+ years experience

Everyone needs that special team member who calmly and quietly gets things done and always with a smile. Ainsley offers diversity in accounts and administration and as part of the team, we secretly think she is the ‘glue’ to this friendly team of professionals.


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