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Hydrographic surveying

Land Solution Australia owns and operates single beam dual frequency hydrographic survey equipment. This equipment is ideally suited to rivers, creeks and lakes where measurement of the underwater state is required. Reaching depths from 1 to 100m this equipment can be easily transported to any site and installed in any vessel. Alternatively we can supply our own vessel if required.

The ability to sound simultaneously at both 200Khz (high frequency) and 33Khz (low frequency) allows bottom type not just depth to be analysed. This is ideally suited where large amounts of sediment are present. Our system is used for dredging, cross sections, volume determination and construction applications and often gathers large amounts of sounding data in a relatively short period of time.

Able to be visualised on any projection or datum, often our hydrographic survey system is integrated with on shore detailed survey of banks, surrounding land or coastal environment to provide a seamless coastal or waterfront data model.

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