Rural Boundary Surveying

Rural boundary surveying in the region of Southern Queensland undertaken and completed by the Land Solution Australia team – survey control, cadastral and engineering surveying data.

From previous and similar projects around Queensland and Northern Territory, Land Solution Australia have established a strong platform for efficiency and surveying solutions when undertaking rural boundary surveying.  This meant that our team of registered surveyors were well equipped to provide control, cadastral and engineering surveying solutions with current technology in digital processes and automation in spatial survey data management, and land administration across rural and regional areas.

Our surveyors, Mat and Shane spent 4 days searching for previous survey marks and collecting data over an area of approximately 960klms.  On their first day, their colleagues Todd and Jun assisted with set-up, calculations and checks.  Through wonderful sunny days and crisp foggy mornings across beautiful landscapes, Mat and Shane conducted all their field checks and control survey, and confirmed plan dimension to original plans held by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

Throughout their rural boundary surveying they discovered past survey marks captured in the pictures below.  Mat and Shane completed their rural boundary surveying within the required set timeframe.

Jun Todd in the fog A new day Rural Boundary Surveying with a touch of mist Old mark One of many marks Shane GNSS

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