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Mephisto Tank

Mephisto Tank

The relocation and transport of the one of a kind WW1 German Tank Mephisto was a complex engineering and architectural challenge that required re-design of an existing gallery in the Queensland Museum, exact size specifications and a 3D model of the tank were also required to calculate logistical routes and operations during the transportation process.

Our initial involvement in the project came following consultation with our existing clients, they explained the challenges they faced. Together we developed a scope of work that would allow for accurate design of the systems used to transport the Mephisto and the final gallery space at the Queensland Museum.

We undertook 3D Laser Scans of the tank itself, the gallery space and the transport route at the museum. Accurate 3D models contained the information required for them to re-design the gallery space, sub-floor structural steel and further plan the logistical movement of the tank once delivered at the museum. The shape tolerances of the gallery being so tight that we completed a final Laser Scan of the tank once it had been wrapped just prior to movement.

Through consultation with our clients the information provided allowed for the successful movement of the Mephisto and re-design of the new ANZAC Gallery at the Queensland Museum.


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Laser Scanning and BIM Modelling