Mephisto Tank Project

Land Solution Australia diversity of services goes beyond the Land or Civil As-Constructed surveying.  Recently, the Land Solution Australia team were requested to complete a 3D laser scan of the Queensland Museum Plaza area in preparation for the return of the historical WWII German Mephisto Tank.

Ben, our Registered Surveyor completed this crucial task by undertaking a 3D laser scan of the QLD museum plaza area (shown in video) and plant rooms directly underneath where additional reinforcement was placed to support the weight of the tank during transportation and where it will be located permanently.

QLD Museum Plaza Area 2  QLD Museum Plaza Area

This was to design the exhibit and work out the logistics of moving and supporting the Mephisto tank whilst transportation into the building.  Ben’s colleagues Shane and Todd also performed two laser scans of the tank itself at the Railway Museum in Ipswich. Shane had to scan the tank inside a plastic bubble. The bubble was there to protect the tank from humidity and dust.

Shane scanning the Mephisto Tank at Ipswich

First scan was performed with the tank setup in “transportation mode” so they could work out how to transport and fit the tank into the QLD Museum building.

Following this another colourised scan was taken of the tank in “Battle mode”. The is how the tank was setup in preparation for battle and how it will be setup in the exhibit.

We provided a colourised mesh of the scan so the designers could create an interactive 3D model of the tank that would be part of the exhibit.

Mephisto Tank 1 Mepisto Tank 2

Following on from this, Ben went back to setout the position of the cradle in the exhibit itself. The cradle is the steel reinforced platform on which the tank will permanently sit inside the museum.

Ben completed a set-out survey on the concrete slab that the Tank would based on as well as the level below.  Additional steel support had to be placed in the plant room below to ensure the stability of the slab above.   Finally,  Ben carried out another scan of the tank, with packaging surrounding the Tank to ensure the dimensions had not changed from the first scan and to confirm that the Tank would fit comfortably into the museum.

Scan of the Tank

Please click onto this link to learn more about the transportation of the Mephisto Tank to the QLD Museum.


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