Laser Scanning


Queensland Spatial Excellence Award Finalist Spatial Enablement 2016

Laser Scanning the Brisbane Polo Club for the provision of precise datum to state level datum ( AHD)  and relating to cadastral boundaries, as well as imagery of this historical building (Naldham House 1888), and its understanding of what lays beyond the walls and its boundary were essential in creating a 3d model.  On completing the Field Laser Scanning and calculating for AHD level datum for boundary and the Brisbane Polo Club building and environment, this will help our client to establish precise measurement of the structure and its surroundings for the potential of future development to the site.

Originally built in the 1870’s the Brisbane Polo Club has undertaken a number of different renovations throughout the 1888, 1914-1920, 1960’s and 1988-1989. Brisbane Polo Club is a recognised ‘landmark’ site, its affect to social, economic and its surrounding environment impacting potential development or constructional renovation to this site has been a part of Brisbane for over 128 years.

Entrance to Polo Club  Facing side of building  Exist from Mary Street  Corner of building with Turret  View looking at the Polo Club from above

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