Wyaralong Dam Beaudesert – FSL marking

Wyaralong Dam is located north-west of Beaudesert on the Teviot Brook, at the base of Mt Joyce.

Our innovation

Wyaralong Dam Beaudesert was a large infrastructure project requesting our services to mark the clearing line of the proposed water level prior to completion of the dam construction. A variety of survey methods were used including traditional survey in highly vegetated areas and GNSS in more open areas. Our survey allowed the managing contractor to accurately remove vegetation below the full supply line which would eliminate submerged hazards for future recreational activities.

Recommendation of a smart solution

The marking followed a design mean sea level height. As aerial mapping for the dam catchment in some places was under thick vegetation, ground levels were sometime uncertain. To solve this a number of additional control points were required to accurately mark the clearing line to the design level. Approximately 100km was marked at 100m intervals for the clearing using GNSS with vehicle mounts to save time in open areas.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution worked with our client on this challenging Wyaralong Dam project that delivered an outcome and a completion of the clearing ahead of the scheduled timeframe for the works.