World Record Survey

In 2014 the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships returned back to Australia after 15 years and was held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre between the 21st – 24th of August. This event supported by global media coverage offered Australia a glimpse of this international event where more than a dozen international teams including world and Olympic champions came together. This gave Australia an opportunity to showcase elite swimmers across the world at the new Gold Coast Aquatic Centre and for World Records to be accomplished.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia worked closely with their client and sub-contractors to providing detailed and As-constructed compliance survey requirements to achieve the completion of the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre for the 2014 Hancock Prospecting Pan Pacific Swimming Championships. For this purpose, we were approached by a new client to provide specification and the results of our previous surveys in support to providing certification for 3 world records set during the event.

Recommendation of a smart solution

The key requirements for measurement of a swimming pool tank to ascertain compliance with International (FINA) standards for the purpose of obtaining pool certification. The requirement of measurements should be undertaken by a licensed surveyor and details submitted in a specified form to Swimming Australia and FINA. Dimensional tolerances against precise measurements were recorded and documented by the licensed surveyor and delivered to our client.

Premium service delivery

Prior to certification our Surveyor completed a survey over a standard measurement calibration range to ensure our instruments measured within equipment manufacturer specifications. After testing to a standard, we then applied the equipment to achieve results pertaining to Pool tank lane length, water depth, lane width, starting platform height, backstroke flag support location, false start 15 metre support locations and midpoint line. There was a need to ratify measurements before competition and immediately after an world record was set for the record to be ratified by FINA. As a result our Registered Surveyor attended the Pan Pac swimming championships and was on-call to record and certify survey requirements of the pool tank lane length with touch pads in place on the same day that a world record was achieved.