The Charming Squire, Southbank

The Charming Squire, Southbank is the sixth James Squire’s brew venue in Australia. Across Western and South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales the new Charming Squire in Brisbane has become the largest of the group. In 1785, a brewer and farmer arrived from England on the Charlotte as a convicted highway robber to eventually become one of the earliest brewers in the colony. His name was James Squire and he became the first to cultivate the hop plant in Australia, the quintessential ingredient of a great beer. Today, The Charming Squire, Southbank is a split level venue with a purpose-built brewery made of copper upstairs with direct lines down to the main bar. With two function areas overlooking the main bar, The Charming Squire, Southbank formed a partnership with one of Australia’s largest hospitality group to create an contemporary environment and ambience for guests to enjoy and discover new flavours found in boutique and custom beers.

Our innovation

Having previously worked for this client Land Solution Australia provided professional survey services incorporating lease plan search, boundary calculations, survey and drafting licence area plans aligned with client requirements for location of The Charming Squire, Southbank and car park area. Further provisions for our client was to measure and draft changes to licence area plans and QA final lease plan for Titles Office submission.

Recommendation of a smart solution

In preparation to deliver a bundled service Land Solution Australia survey requirements incorporated pre-calculations of drawings to check plans to incorporate change to licence area ready for final lease plan to be submitted to the Titles Registry Office.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia enjoyed working for their client to ensure an accurate and detailed survey to licence area and prepared plans for registration to Titles Registry Office.