Tamworth Street, Annerley

Tamworth Street, Annerley is located approximately 4km from the Brisbane CBD. The suburb of Annerley is an area of around 2.8km² an elevated area that in the right place can offer scenic views of the City. Mostly residential and retail property cover this land mass and unbelievably contains approximately 25 heritage listed properties. With Ipswich Road being one of the many transport conduits between north and south, Annerley has witnessed change since early 1820’s until today with growth and urban development a key factor.

Our innovation

Our client undertook a subdivision of property in Tamworth Street, Annerley. This required development approval conditions undertaken from drawings to scope of works to be met by the client. This development approval covered the works to a single dwelling unit and surrounding areas such as affected by construction i.e. storm water, kerb, footpath or road, drainage, electricity, service conduits and mains, telecommunication, water and wastewater services. Firstly, the development approval submission relating to Material change of use single unit dwelling had to be met and approved with evidence of completion before Survey Plan Sealing can be provided.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Land Solution Australia were engaged by their client to provide survey plan sealing assistance to this subdivision and throughout the construction and build by providing Set-out for boundaries and as-constructed location of new townhouses and renovated dwelling. This involved field and office preparation for final building format plans for townhouse development.

Premium service delivery

It had taken from late 2012 to approximately mid 2014 for this project to be completed. For Tamworth Street, Annerley Land Solution Australia’s final task was to lodge ‘Generally in Accordance’ for Development Assessment to Tamworth Street, Annerley for their client.