Swickers Bacon Factory – Kingaroy

In November 2016, the community of Kingaroy were greatly affected by a destructive fire through the famous Kingaroy Swickers Bacon Factory.  This disaster meant that approximately 600 jobs were at risk and the livelihood of those people and families to whom depended greatly on the Swickers factory, Kingaroy.

The relevance of Swickers Bacon Factory in comparison to Kingaroy’s industry was very important to the people of Kingaroy, with 600 employed at the site.

To facilitate the reconstruction of the Boning Room facilities and construction of the Temporary Plate Freezing Building and Temporary Boning facilities, Land Solution Australia approached the project as a three-phase survey solution.

The survey works provided an accurate record of the following: title boundaries, existing structures, current site conditions, location of existing services and other assets that may impact the proposed design or project works.

The large extent of the survey area required the Land Solution Australia team to work in conjunction with Kingaroy’s local surveying team to produce the site survey. The image below is a small portion of the area that was covered. It is a combination of the topographical survey and the aerial imagery. Due to the tight timeframe, the team focused its resources on completing the topographical survey on the critical areas around the boning facility. Then incorporated the existing topographical survey records to finalise the overall site survey. Multiple survey crews were mobilised at the same time to carry out the laser scanning, aerial imagery, topographical survey and service detection.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia were approached by their client the Principal Contractor in January 2017 to respond quickly and provide an innovative solution that would allow for an efficient time stream in rebuilding the Boning room and surrounding damaged area of the Swickers Factory in Kingaroy.

Working jointly and in support with Kingaroy’s local surveying team, Land Solution Australia provided Topographical survey, Laser scanning and Aerial Mapping for the Swickers site. This information was combined with the existing site records to produce a singular 3D digital model that encompassed all data sets.

There were limited records kept of the existing services and infrastructure. Our singular data set meant engineers, designers and the Principal Contractor had a single point of reference for this information.

An online portal combining the laser scanning and aerial mapping point clouds was also provided. This was a great tool for the client to get first-hand experience of the site without having to leave their office or needing specialist software to view the data. The client could also take measurements and download the point cloud data from this portal.

Land Solution Australia provided their client, the Principal Contractor the following components forming the delivery of the survey:

  • Site Topographical Survey
  • Format existing site data into CAD format for engineering design.
  • Locate existing underground services near new building envelopes.
  • Update Site Detail survey with current building and plant positions.
  • Provide DTM and contours over site extents.
  • Laser Scan survey around existing building infrastructure and plant equipment.
  • Provide point cloud to engineers and architects.
  • Establish online portal for access of laser scan data.
  • Aerial Mapping Survey over site.
  • Provide latest aerial imagery over site.
  • Provide Contours over site extents.
  • Include point data in online portal.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Land Solution Australia’s capabilities meant no delays in the redevelopment of the Swickers Bacon Factory Site.  Our surveying team was prepared with the latest technology equipment and complied with all quality and safety requirements for the site. This meant their time on-site was as safe and efficient as possible. Consideration was made to ensure Aerial Mapping Survey complied with CASA requirements.

As provision of Aerial Mapping Survey was undertaken, Land Solution Australia had completed a strict regime of training in both the operation of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Drone and legislative safety requirements in the operation under CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority), the Australian national aviation authority responsible for the regulation of civil aviation while undertaking surveying needs for project work.

Our qualified surveyor worked in conjunction with our sub-contractor to perform drone operations adhering to CASA requirements with the distance of Kingaroy’s Airport from Swickers Bacon factory of 2.3 nautical miles away and the Kingaroy Hospital (it has a Helicopter land area) being 1.3 nautical miles away.

Preparation was paramount to the success of completing an Aerial mapping surveying.  Our surveyor completed a flight brief incorporating location, flight schedule, airspace requirements, NOTAM required, stakeholders and third-party approvals, crew, aircraft details, radio communication management and ground operations with a snapshot of the operational positions from Google Earth.

Premium service delivery

In January 2017, Land Solution Australia travelled to Kingaroy to support our client, the Principal Contractor and Swickers Bacon Factory by working closely with Kingaroy’s local surveying business and providing a swift result to enable the Principal Contractor to proceed with the redevelopment and construction of Swickers Bacon Factory site to meet their tight production time lines for their customers and employees.

Kingaroy’s Chamber of Commerce provided a business continuity update from Swickers Bacon Factory to ensure nearly 600 workers would be provided employment.  With Swickers Bacon Factory committed to restoring production at the Kingaroy site, they had relocated 120 workers to the processing facility at Ipswich for as long as it took to rebuild the Kingaroy facility.

This impacted the community and region greatly with the reduction of productivity and security of employment for those affected.  Swickers Bacon Factory urgently required the redevelopment of a new building which our client commissioned Land Solution Australia to provide an efficient and time-lined surveying solution to meet all stakeholder’s expectation.

The contribution and benefits extended to the community which included all stakeholders, employees, and customers across the regions and south-east area was a two-fold purpose. That being the sustainability of welfare and income for all involved at the Swickers Bacon factory site and the continuous provider/supplier of bacon products and small goods to suppliers.