Southpoint Tunnel Monitoring

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Since 2014, this project has been one of our most challenging and fascinating tasks as it demonstrates the power of surveying at its finest. Located at the corner of Vulture and Grey Street, this has been called South Bank’s last remaining development site, as well as the largest mixed-use, transport-oriented development (TOD) projects in Queensland. Upon the completion of construction, it will include a variety of shopping, cafes & restaurant facilities, a A-Grade commercial office space and include Brisbane’s second luxury boutique the Emporium Hotel.

Before construction of this development site could proceed, there was concern with the Busway tunnel that passes underneath the site. To ensure the safety of the people who use the Busway tunnel and the construction crews on site, Land Solution devised a system to monitored the tunnel to ensure if any construction were close to the tunnel, then this system will notify the developers to cease construction immediately. It is a brilliant demonstration of surveying and engineering working as a single system.

Our innovation

Our innovation is provide a safe and precise way of monitoring with the best of technology supplied and provide for our client 24 hour observations throughout the duration of construction. To ensure accurate results, a Trimble total station was used to automatically take readings of 25 monitoring prisms situated on the roof of the tunnel. These prisms are observed from 15 minutes in each cycle which means there are around 10,000 survey observations per day being taken to achieve the project requirements.

Recommendation of a smart solution

With our spatial observations to ensure the accuracy of this project, a series of geo-technical sensors were also installed. These included vibrating wire crack meters, in-place inclinometers and tri-axial Geophones (vibration) both inside and outside the client site. These sensors will ensure the results obtained from the total station observations are within the correct tolerances, as well as provide a comprehensive picture of this site in real time.

Premium service delivery

This methodology to combine the hardware components for spatial science and geo-technical measurement into a single software platform gave a complete seamless monitoring solution for our client. With the advancements in communications, software development and processing power, this project has been made possible with the experience of spatial scientists, engineers and surveyors. It took around 1 month to install all fore mention components before any excavation could commence. The success of this platform was due to the, advice and services of technical consultants, advanced communications, specialised software, specialised equipment and dedicated project management by our company directors and staff.