Southpoint Construction

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Our innovation

The innovation shown by Land Solution Australia was to take the best of what technology had to offer and combine project management with knowledge of spatial data into a single integrated solution for the client. In all, two Trimble total stations were used to automatically observe 15min and 1 hour regimes of precise survey measurements to 150 monitoring prisms for two sites. This meant around 10,000 survey observations per day were being taken to achieve the project requirements.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Added to this, a range of geo-technical sensors were also installed including vibrating wire crack meters, in-place inclinometers and tri-axial Geophones (vibration) both inside and outside the client site. These sensors would complement the automated total station survey observations to provide a comprehensive monitoring picture of the site in real time.

Premium service delivery

The methodology to combine the hardware components for survey and geo-technical measurements to a single software platform is a relatively new concept. It has been made possible by advancement in communications, software development and processing power and a maturity in modern practice of spatial scientists, engineers and surveyors. It took around 2 months to install all the project components and observe project baselines before excavation could commence and the ‘glue’ that bonded the spatial data was the communications and software supplied.