Southpoint Collins Place Monitoring

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A fundamental historical landmark in Brisbane’s South Brisbane, Collins Place has stood in its foundation from 1889 and as a Brisbane heritage listed building it is an important part of the Transit Oriented Development Southpoint project. The humble beginnings of Collins Place started as a residential home to the original owner and proprietor of Ship Inn (another landmark of Brisbane) Michael Foley. It remained a home to a number of owners until 1984 when its appeal against resumption by the Expo Authority was lost and the then owner bestowed the name Collins Place. During the Expo ’88, the building functioned as Collins Place Spaghetti House. Prior to Collins Place naming the building was also known as Greyscourt and Byanda before being heritage listed in 1992 while used as a police station.

Our innovation

Southpoint Collins Place Monitoring was paramount to keeping the building protected during the construction and development that surrounded it. Collins Place is to be retained as a focal point to the Southpoint development. It will either cater as a restaurant or tavern when completed. As part of this $590M Southpoint project, Collins Place will have two new buildings developed beside it. Therefore, the monitoring of Collins Place during excavation and then raising the 330 tonne building to by approximately 800mm from its original location required continuous monitoring. This was extremely important to retaining its structural integrity. Land Solution Australia were approached by their client to help with this sensitive and complicated construction challenge.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Before construction could commence Robotic Total Stations and monitoring prisms were installed to surround the construction site and on the building. This allowed for 60 minute data cycles to be recorded for nearly 4 weeks prior to construction activity. Prior to excavation Tri-axial Geophones were attached to key points on the structure of the building. All sensors combined to give multiple layers of defence against any possible deformation or destruction of the building asset. With Land Solution Australia conducting live continuous observation without human intervention they can inform their client and stakeholders of any immediate alerts or concerns as they occur as well as provide detailed information and records of the entire construction schedule in real time. This leading edge solution has contributed to the safety of people, property and unique environment that is Collins Place for many generations to enjoy.

Premium service delivery

It was essential as part of this project that Collins Place be monitored carefully throughout the project both in terms of vibration from adjoining works and displacement in 3 dimensions. Land Solution Australia introduced to their client an effective solution to the overall project to protect environment, assets and structural integrity by devising a monitoring system to manage and scrutinise all movements and surrounding vibration. The system used robotic total stations and tri axial geophones, linked via communications to a onsite IT and software platform to transmit results in real time and provide instant alarming in the event of a breach in building tolerance.