South Bank Station Rail Monitoring

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South Bank Station one of many train station networks of Queensland Rail (QR)services the rail lines between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. As part of the Transit Oriented Development, the South Bank Train Station is part of the precinct for direct link to rail and bus transportation. The project will provide major public spaces, a department store, entertainment facilities, supermarket and other retail areas with commercial offices and residential tower apartments to be named Southpoint and a five-star Emporium Hotel. The development was designed to be an extension to the public recreation and entertainment theme of South Bank Parklands that reflects our sub-tropical climate and environment. This $590M project will envisage completion in the first half of 2016.

Our innovation

South Bank Station Rail Monitoring is a crucial part of this project. Land Solution Australia have been engaged by their client to provide a sensitive and accuracy driven 4D Monitoring system for continuous measurements to monitor movement and/or cracks potentially affected by nearby construction and civil works to critical structural items or earthworks across the Southpoint area and nearby areas at regular time intervals. Therefore, South Bank Station Rail Monitoring is part of a 24hour monitoring system that is managed and reported consistently by our Registered Surveyor on QR assets located at South Bank Train Station.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Land Solution Australia installed as series of 110 sensors to the rail lines and concrete capping beam which were observed at 1 hourly intervals by an automated monitoring total station. This instrument was linked to an onsite server which remotely controlled the system via specialist monitoring software. This meant the site could alarm and report 24 hrs hours a day with no manual/ human intervention. The advantage of automated monitoring is that it saves significant cost, can be scaled to measure more frequently if required and is generally of a higher accuracy than if the survey is performed manually using conventional survey methods (with exception of precise levelling). The control configuration is based on 4x external multi-directional prisms on surrounding buildings which will be visible by the monitoring station on every measurement round. Measuring one of Brisbane’s busiest rail lines would have been impossible at this frequency both from a safety and a logistical perspective. The 4D monitoring solution devised has provided and enhanced solution that has met the ongoing need of the client in a timely and safe manner.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia proposed for QR’s consideration to monitor the track , an automated total station (ATS) methodology devised in conjunction with QR and located at South Bank Train Station. The South Bank Station Rail Monitoring was set up initially for a 55 weeks period where Land Solution Australia provided track level monitoring and capping beam monitoring with live reporting and alarming in the event of track displacement that exceed CETS track design standards.