Sir Samuel Griffith Building

Commencing construction in 2012 and completed in 2013 this state of the art environmental building demonstrates to all who have worked on it from architectural design to the construction the uniqueness of the build. With those specialist subcontractors contributing to the final completion of the build, the Sir Samuel Griffith Building commands 6 levels of approximately 1000m2 of floor space per level. The lower two levels include facilities for a large and small seminar rooms and a 220 seat lecture theatre with the upper four levels containing offices, HDR ‘hubs’, meeting rooms and collaboration zones. Located at Griffith University’s Nathan campus, the Sir Samuel Griffith Building can be described as world class. The construction and materials used to create this $45M facility has been awarded a desirable 6-star green rating by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and will be the first off-grid, self-powering teaching and research facility in Australia.

Our innovation

To contribute to our client’s successful build the team at Land Solution Australia worked closely with their client to provide survey and set-out from the initial excavation stage through to As constructed of all ground level surface features and as-con survey drawings on completion. 3D Laser scanning was utilised on structural steel components to confirm compliance with design.

Recommendation of a smart solution

The levels of survey deliverables required Land Solution Australia to provide grid reference points to enable set-out of the detailed excavation, all strip and pad footings, control of survey datum’s placed external to the works site and previous design survey prior to commencement. Land Solution Australia effectively managed the spatial integrity of this facility on behalf of their client which contributed to costs and time savings to the building program.

Premium service delivery

Over a period of approximately 12 months Land Solution Australia worked in support of their client and their other subcontractors providing surveying services from set-outs and control for footing, facade steel checks, pile and path, Hydrogen cell roof, theatre lighting, seating and air-condition, slab and PW being just some of the areas of surveying requirements during this project.