Rosewood Sewage Plant

In 2012 Queensland Urban Utilities commissioned works on the Rosewood Sewage Treatment Plant Optimisation project. The $5 million project commitment to delivering a sustainable sewage network in the Rosewood area involved installing new technology, plant and equipment such as areas of the plant’s mechanical and chemical processes, systems and supporting infrastructure to enhance the treatment process and extend the life of the plant, located on Rosewood-Warrill View Rd. Rosewood Sewage Treatment Plant Optimisation was completed in 2013. This upgrade has increased the capacity by 30% and will cater for population growth in Rosewood.

Our innovation

This 9 month long project required Land Solution Australia to work closely with their client to meet all their surveying requirements for civil engineering and infrastructure during the project.

Recommendation of a smart solution

To support our clients deadline and commitments, Land Solution Australia supported their client with surveying requirements for civil and mechanical survey works. Calculations and set-out for WAS thickener and switchboard grid set-out, As-Con on new electrical pits, conduits and existing underground services. Set-out of new location for effluent pump and flow-meter pit, switchboard footing centres and reductions and set-out sketches for new effluent pump location and switchboard grids. Further As-con survey of WAS/RAS pump slabs, switchboard footings, underground sewer pipes and checks on water levels for 4 Lagoon weirs. The set-out of pump stations and offsets to include reductions and sketch and As-constructed drafting of sewer, water, chlorine and storm water services, incorporated all As-constructed information and preparation of plans. Calculations and set-out of cable mooring on DAT and IAT Tanks, with As-constructed survey of inlet/outlet pipes and building and calculations for re-design of flow structure. Calculations for set-out of flow meter/flow splitter offsets, reductions, check and set-out sketch, Set-out of flow meter and splitter offsets, flow splitter on footings and As-constructed survey of underground water line.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia thoroughly enjoyed this extremely diverse project bringing to the client the variety of survey scope of works offered. This project also offered the opportunity for our Surveyor to create the road design for our client which contributed to our client meeting their project deadline.