Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House provides to families of seriously ill children accommodation for those family who live more than 50km from the nearest treating hospital in Brisbane. To care for the family unit in the midst of emotional, physical & financial stress while drawing hope & comfort from other families in similar situations, Ronald McDonald House like the dedicated & friendly staff & volunteers are there to support and help those families in need. Ronald McDonald House Charities is investing $35M in a 12 level Ronald McDonald House opposite Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and it is envisaged to be the largest of its kind in the world. The site for the new Ronald McDonald House will accommodate more than 450 people a night and will be located Stanley Street, South Brisbane.

Our innovation

Dilapidation Survey to assess pre-construction of site and area are undertaking by a Registered Surveyor. Land Solution Australia were approached by their client to conduct an initial construction site Dilapidation Survey to encompass the surrounding site and location of the new Ronald McDonald House site incorporating storm water drainage, energex substation and Queensland Childrens Hospital (QCH) Foundation Building.

Recommendation of a smart solution

It was essential for our client to assess the construction site and surroundings such as footpaths and crossovers, adjoining infrastructure including walls and roof, deterioration of structures, service pits and infrastructure. Our detailed Dilapidation Survey report provided our client an informative description of site and surrounding area with facilities. Our report was supported with photographic evidence of the construction site, underground CCTV of storm water drainage, energex substation and QCH Building.

Premium service delivery

The importance in providing a Dilapidation Survey for our client is necessary should any disputes or mitigation and in particular if any demolition is required before construction. It is crucial to any business prior to undertaking construction particularly close to other infrastructures and buildings to consider protecting themselves against erroneous claims regarding property damage from third parties. Land Solution Australia is an advocate of Dilapidation Surveys to provide necessary precautions and avoid unjustified claims.