Plant and Equipment Survey

Plant and Equipment Survey is a practical method to assessing size, density and complexity of plant and/or equipment for the purpose of new design, construction, dilapidation, relocation, expenditure and valuation of assets or manufacturing. Plant and Equipment Survey offers precise measurements and accuracies against its environment or potential environment. To be able to possess detailed data of measurements to any plant and equipment can be vital to potential damages, accidents and/or third party claims. This type of protection is invaluable and to ensure a Registered Surveyor can pinpoint measurements into data form and provide supporting laser scan images is a powerful aid to ensuring the investment of plant and equipment and verifying these tangible commodities during their use and purpose.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia have provided to clients across different industries with plant and equipment survey. In most opportunities the need for plant and equipment surveys has arisen from upgrades to relocating of plant and equipment. In most client requirements our surveyor will conduct the work on a Faro Focus 3D S 120 short range terrestrial scanner to produce 3D Laser Scan imagery and data from Trimble Realworks software to report on target can provide informative details to assist and/or protect our clients. As well as provide clear record and detail of parts, components and complexity of plant and equipment.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Alternative solutions such as monitoring plant and equipment is another option available to critical assets. This method of survey can significantly enhance the servicing processes, redesign or movement of plant and equipment on site or to monitor structural integrity. When completing the capture of data of plant and equipment against its environment this analysis can provide our client with exact measurements and peace of mind of location of the plant and equipment to site plans.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia have been engaged to provide plant and equipment survey to refinery, plant rooms, gas tanks, sewage plant and communication and electrical switchboards. On completion of our data capture, our surveyor provides detailed reports identifying the purpose of the survey, survey datum, equipment and methodology used, the survey results and deliverables to meet our client requirements.