Picot Street Kelvin Grove

Picot Street located in Kelvin Grove opens its street appeal to the latest urban development – Morey’s Place. History accounts that in 1930 an article appeared in The Courier Mail describing Kelvin Grove as a charming suburb that indicated progress. Well before Kelvin Grove acquired its name, an advanced settlement was taking place and the suburb of Kelvin Grove became an important educational centre. Today, this area has grown in density with a population of 6,015 (2011) over a land mass of 171 hectares (2km²). With close proximity to QUT Picot Street’s new development will provide contemporary urban style boutique units. Picot Street is ideally located close to Royal Brisbane Hospital, CBD, Victoria Park Golf course and accessible public transport.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia were engaged by their client to provide surveying requirements for the plan of subdivision to Lots 1-10, inclusive of common property and easements. Land Solution Australia initially provided boundary and identification survey including locate underground services for sewer and storm water in 2013 for the subdivision. During the next development stage for our client, Land Solution Australia continued to work with their client to provide building set-out along boundary incorporating 4 points to existing house location before moving the existing house. Set out for the footprint of the unit complex was then given at the basement for construction. During the build, Disclosure plans were prepared to improve cash flow for the developer during construction. As-constructed survey for civil design and As-con of new sewer connections is also being surveyed where it is most accessible during construction.

Recommendation of a smart solution

For our client it was important that Land Solution Australia to provide detailed and informative surveying requirements. When possible Land Solution Australia are able to extend their surveying knowledge and expertise to provide services for production of disclosure plans for the development inclusive of plan drafting, professional advice and assistance from our registered surveyor representing our client in discussion with local government.

Premium service delivery

As development still continues today for our client, Land Solution Australia will envisage that further survey requirements will be required by our client up to completion of the development.