One Mile Bridge

One Mile Bridge had in recent times 2011 and 2013 endured massive damage from floods across Ipswich and Brisbane areas. One Mile Bridge built around 1936 links across the Bremner River and the commitment to ensuring the continued use of this infrastructure required extensive upgrades and implementation of flood damage prevention strategies for work underneath the bridge and the embankments of the Bremner River. One Mile Bridge upgrades incorporated scour protection to the bridge abutments preventing the embankment washing out from water flow from the river or rainfall. One Mile Bridge links Ipswich’s central and western suburbs, and caters for more than 20,000 cars daily and is one of the main conduits between Ipswich and Brisbane.

Our innovation

From previous experience working with our client, Land Solution Australia were engaged to provide Field and Set out survey requirements for the construction and civil repairs including batters, guard rail, kerb, road island, SW and embankment As-constructed survey services.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Land Solution Australia supported their client to meet the timeframe for this $1.9M contract by providing all field survey data for As-constructed survey of centre island, guard rails, gabions and additional areas of rock beaching, broken rock and gabions. Our registered surveyors prepared field survey, data analysis and As-constructed drafting, calculations and sketch for gabion mattress areas. Our service extended to As-constructed drafting of storm water design plans showing construction changes and As-constructed mark-up drafting of electrical plans.

Premium service delivery

During our 8 months of survey service delivery, Land Solution Australia provided final As-Constructed mark-up drafting and assisting with remediation work by conducting checks on design files for Western Creek Bridge, Milton and drafting Deebing Creek as constructed plans, areas all affected by the Bremner River.