Mooloolaba Boat Ramp

Mooloolaba Boat Ramp is located in a popular coastal area of Queensland’s, Sunshine Coast. To boost access for the boating and tourist community at the Mooloolaba Boat Harbour, in 2014 an upgrade of $810,000 was awarded to Mooloolaba’s boating facilities. This meant as part of the refurbishment to the existing boat ramps, the boat ramps were widened by approximately 4 metres to allow space for floating walkways to be built. In particular works for the Mooloolaba Boat Ramp Upstream contained 3 lanes/berths, lighting with nearby boat ramps, landing/pontoon, sandy beaches, telephone, fuel outlet, toilets, picnic area adjacent, bait and shops. The Mooloolaba Boat Ramp Downstream contains similar facilities as the Upstream boat ramp however do not have a sandy beach adjacent.

Our innovation

To support our client during this 3 month project, Land Solution Australia was contracted to provide As-con Survey requirements to both the Upstream and Downstream boat ramps located at Mooloolaba Boat Harbour. Our As-constructed field surveying works with reductions and drafting included the precast reinforced concrete toe plank for the Boat ramps.

Recommendation of a smart solution

For our field data capture survey requirements we established control and alignment of existing boat ramp and set-out 4m offsets to the existing boat ramp alignment. This also incorporated calculations and set-out control of concrete slabs and heights for Upstream and Downstream boat ramps. Throughout the build, Land Solution Australia provided their client consistent As-con survey requirements for both boat ramps which involved reductions, calculations and drafting to meet both QA and DTMR codes.

Premium service delivery

Part of our survey requirements involved creating 3D Construction models for GNSS machine guidance, field verification and creation of longitudinal section plans of As-Con data for Local and state regulatory authorities.