Moffat Beach Sunshine Coast

Moffat Beach is a stunning surfing Beach, located on the Sunshine Coast. Moffat Beach is named after James Moffat, who purchased all the land in 1882, and is a popular destination due to its Headland where there are numerous holiday apartments huddled together close to the beach. This project illustrates our laser scanning abilities, to provide our clients in creating a more complex model.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia provided field and office survey deliverables such as a Contour-Detail Plan and a Identification Plan. Our surveyors are extremely proficient at these services due to their experience and knowledge of surveying skills.

Recommendation of a smart solution

With the adjoining buildings on either side of the project site and the vegetation at the rear, Land Solution Australian decided it would be best to utilise our 3D laser scanning capabilities as conventional surveying techniques may not provide accurate detail to these features. 3D Laser Scanning is a robust tool where it can generate the landscape with accurate precision and observe 1000000 points per second up to 100 metres. With this capability, we were able to provide for our client a more define model of the site for their design purposes.

Premium service delivery

Land Solution Australia provided to our client with a ‘Contour and Detail’ Plan on the location of all services and an ‘Identification’ plan to illustrate the boundaries of the project site. The focal product created for our client was our Laser Scanning data as it able to illustrate a three-dimensional model of the site, as well as positions of the adjoining buildings and vegetation at the rear.