Jimmy’s on the Mall Queen Street

Situated in the middle of one of Australia’s busiest pedestrian mall, Jimmy’s on the Mall is one of the most popular restaurants in Brisbane. Opened in 1982, Jimmy’s on the Mall has been recognised as Brisbane’s longest established outdoor restaurant, providing breakfast, lunch and dinner 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jimmy’s on the Mall is managed and owned by Brisbane’s largest and longest running food and beverage hospitality group.

In 2014, our client decided to demolish both Jimmy’s on the Mall and Café East to re-construct the iconic and popular Jimmy’s on the Mall, Queen Street to deliver the high standards of customer service to all of their guests. Upon the completion of the re-construction, Jimmy’s on the Mall includes an additional level with vibrant green living walls, a clever retractable roof to ensure Jimmy’s on the Mall is ideal for all climates and high quality finishes and surfaces throughout the restaurant and bar.

Our innovation

Prior to construction, our client contacted Land Solution Australia to provide a Contour and Detail Survey and terrestrial laser scans of the original Jimmy’s on the Mall, with surrounding areas towards Albert Street. We provided our client these survey requirements to supply the levels of the existing boundaries to Jimmy’s on the Mall and its surrounding infrastructure. This service allowed our client to create a new design for Jimmy’s on the Mall which now stands today in the Mall.

Recommendation of a smart solution

At Land Solution Australia, our surveyors are extremely proficient at providing accurate calculation to find previous survey marks to establish set-ups for the project site. Upon setting-up on these marks, our surveyors are able to make quick observations and establish the location of Jimmy’s and the surrounding infrastructure. During this time, all necessary safety requirements were established to ensure both themselves and people in the area were safe.

Premium service delivery

Upon the completion of all field-work, our surveyors were able to create an Contour and Detail plan which illustrates the observations taken at the project site. These included the location of the restaurant boundaries, vegetation, service pits and the ground levels in accordance to the existing plans. Upon reviewing this plan, our client was able to create a new design plan for Jimmy’s on the Mall and were able to proceed with construction.