Ipswich Hospital Car Park

In close consultation with Queensland Health to deliver an approved budget of $128.7M, 3 stage construction to expand Ipswich Hospital was undertaken to meet the growing needs of the local community. In 2013 our client was awarded the design and construction contract for this project to expand the Multi-Level Car Park. The expansion consisted of 265-space car park, which stands 3.5 storeys high, was expected to relieve some parking pressure around the hospital site and give better access to patients. With an automated ticketing system and a walkway connection to the old and new car park gave added safety and access to the hospital via the existing link bridge.

Our innovation

As part of the Ipswich Hospital Car Park project Land Solution Australia were engaged to support their client and their sub-contractors with all As-Con and Set-out Survey requirements during the 9 month project.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Land Solution Australia enjoyed this project as it offered the opportunity to work closely with their client from start to finish of the project and diversify their survey services to sub-contractors. This meant that land Solution Australia were able to support by providing survey needs within the project for As-constructed sewer drafting and set-out, set-out of storm water and ground pour for columns and slab. On completion of the Ipswich Hospital Car park project we issued the Registered Surveyors Certificate certifying the building did not exceed overall height levels and dimensions shown on approved plans and on completion certify the site survey levels.

Premium service delivery

Our Surveyors initially identified the legal property boundary and confirmed design coordinates to establish site ground control and benchmarks for new car park building and external works. This included set-out and survey for bored pier locations for the car park foundations and the set-out of external retaining walls prior to bulk earthworks. During the project our surveyors were required to set-out grids on slabs and 2 level benchmarks per floor and new cross-over and driveways.