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Detail and As-constructed Surveying (ADAC)

Often before you design or construct it is important to know the position and level of critical aspects of a site. Surveyors often prepare accurate maps or plans of land and building infrastructure for refurbishment, renovation, demolition, preservation and new construction.

A detail survey or topographic survey can range over a small area of interest to several hectares depending of the extent of work required. A variety of survey methodologies including GNSS, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) as well as more traditional line of site methods can be employed depending on the accuracy, extent of vegetation and size of the project.

As constructed refers to measurement of the built form. This often occurs for public infrastructure (sewers, drainage, roads etc) as well as buildings and earthworks. Delivery of as constructed survey works is usually to a standard such as As Design, As Constructed (ADAC) so that these measurements can be passed onto local government for maintenance. As constructed surveys are also regularly performed on buildings for compliance with building approvals or construction design standards.

For further information on Detail and As-constructed Surveying (ADAC) please click onto our Factsheet.

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