DCDB Upgrade Gympie

Western Areas Gympie Regional Council

Our innovation

DCDB Upgrade was a challenging project that required spatial correction of the Digital Cadastral Data Base (DCDB) for over 5600 rural land parcels in difficult terrain west of Gympie. This was required as in some areas the DCDB was misaligned to title boundaries by up to 100m in places. Land Solution Australia brought together cadastral survey and mapping control expertise with a software solution provided by Geodata Australia to provide a seamless Cadastral upgrade of the Database for future council asset management.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Soon after commencement of title plan entry it was apparent that the quality of historical title survey plans often did not close within the limits of accuracy requested for the project. This combined with several ambulatory boundaries and railway corridors through the project meant an increased density of survey control and a ingenious modification to the parcel adjustment process to achieve the best possible alignment with aerial imagery.

Premium service delivery

Although the DCDB Upgrade project took longer than expected, the client was satisfied the best possible result was achieved. The project management by Land Solution Australia resulted in a great improvement in DCDB and the control network in the area.