Brisbane Airport Parallel Runway

This project will be the biggest aviation construction and civil project in Australia. With a timeframe of 2014-2020 at an investment of $1.35B this project will give Brisbane Airport the best runway in Australia. With reclaiming of around 360 hectares of soft marshland by pumping around 11million ²m of sand onto the marshlands during the next 4 years, the weight of the sand with help from 330,000 wick drains funnelling water to the surface will produce a solid base for the construction of the runway. New pavement approximately 3.3 klms long, 60 metres wide will be constructed for the 12km taxiway. Lighting, navigational aids and landscaping will all be part of this project.

Our innovation

Land Solution Australia were very excited to be part of this impressive project to support their client with Stage 1 of the build which included constructing the platform for the dredging pipeline. Our Surveyors assisted the civil contractors with GNSS Localisation surveys including Survey control points, transfer points from MGA to Airport grid. Office Data Management and analysis of imported data from 12D to Autodesk Civil 3D for checks, calculations of grid coordinates and QA the PDF Plans requiring adjustments. Our client constructed 3.71km 1m diameter steel dredge pipe and maintenance road from Luggage Point through an existing waste water treatment plant across the current airport to the proposed disposal site. Our client were also involved in the installation of a 40m temporary pipe bridge across the existing WWTW outfall, installing 270m of 30mm welded pipe through a culvert under the existing runway, significant diversion of roads within the airport and the installation of the floating pipe into the Brisbane River. Our client worked to incredible timeframes to complete these requirements for their client and to ensure the dredging of the marshland commenced.

Recommendation of a smart solution

This deadline driven Stage 1 required Land Solution Australia to be out on call performing on-site localisation and upload to equipment , creating and validating 3D constructible data models, managing design changes with those models, pre-commencement survey, calculation of volumes, create turn around models and re-issue data. Our surveyors also performed field data capture for As-constructed survey of access tracks, reductions and CAD drafting.

Premium service delivery

In support of this project for our client, Land Solution Australia ensured their Surveyors conducted all appropriate medicals and permits and were completed before commencement of all survey requirements to Stage 1 for the Brisbane Airport Parallel Runway. Some of Land Solution Australia survey requirements involved the JVR localisation, the TJL pre-commencement survey, airside JDN surface capture and Road as-constructed surveys.