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4d Monitoring (Surveying and Geotechnical)

4D Monitoring is the continuous measurement of usually critical structural items or earthworks at a regular time interval being ‘X,Y,Z and time’.

Land Solution Australia has a reputation as an innovator and industry leader in this field . Our company has the ability to mobilise robotic total stations, GNSS receivers and geotechnical sensors which can send digital spatial data back to a central onsite site IT server. This data can be viewed in real time via the internet or mobile device or alarmed to a specific data attribute making it a powerful tool for construction risk management and safety.

4D Monitoring solutions vary in terms of scale and cost depending on the size, accuracy and complexity of a site or asset. So if it is a tunnel , a building or an excavation it is possible to measure 24hours a day with the employment of a Land Solution Australia 4d automated monitoring solution.

Manual methods can also be employed using precise digital levels, total stations, inclinometers, vibrating wire crack meters and vibration sensors for smaller projects or where constraints do not permit an automated monitoring solution.

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