17 Miles Rocks Riverside Park

17 Mile Rocks is named after a collection of rocks that marked a distance of 17 miles (27 km) from the mouth of the Brisbane River. These rocks were largely removed to widen the river and allow marine vessels to access for further reaches into the river. 17 Miles Rocks Riverside Park is one of Brisbane’s largest riverside parks approximately 8,000m² and features walking and cycling tracks, a half size basket court, a flying fox, a climbing web as well as picnic facilities and playing fields. It’s a great picnic area and as its name indicates is located along the Brisbane River in the suburbs of 17 Miles Rocks. In 2011 the 17 Miles Rocks Riverside Park was flooded in January along with a built-up area to its west. The linear park and wetland south of Oldfield Road was also flooded.

Our innovation

In 2011 Land Solution Australia were engaged by their client to provide As-Constructed survey of River Bank and Bed over the design area severely impacted by flooding. Our survey requirements included field survey by ground and hydrographic survey equipment, reduction, drafting and volume analysis do quantify the extent of work to stabilise this region of the River bank.. This meant surveying before and after the Brisbane River embankment being filled with rock material. The surveyors undertook set-out design and check rock fill levels and as-constructed survey to include field survey both above and below the tidal water levels.

Recommendation of a smart solution

Our surveyors in addition to field surveys provided data management calculations for 3D constructible models for long arm excavation machinery. These took the form of 3D files uploaded to machine on site along with site control and localisation surveys. Furthermore, office reductions, calculations and drafting of Hydro Rock Fill As-constructed data was integrated with pre commencement surveys to give an accurate determination of quantities of material for customer progress claims.

Premium service delivery

This 4 month project gave Land Solution Australia the opportunity to provide their client detailed survey requirements both on land and below water in a single integrated 3D model. This give the client heightened confidence that the project would be completed on time and within budget.