Heritage Surveying

Recently, Land Solution Australia have been actively involved with several different Heritage Surveying projects around the Brisbane area and nearby regions.

Capturing historical landmarks, buildings and heritage sites required the Land Solution team to participate and operate their sophisticated laser scanning equipment, taking 3D images across these various projects to collect digital data to demonstrate and measure the legacy of these vital places, structures and buildings.

A snapshot of the most recent projects are described below and incorporate photographs before construction and development.

In the 1st project north of Brisbane, the requirement to conduct contour and detail surveying for designing of a parkland area which will incorporate existing heritage items and site.  On surveying the various areas, taking photographs and completing a 3d laser scan to ensure the integrity of the site is kept.

With the 2nd project closer to the fringe of the CBD area, Land Solution Australia are working to support their client in the preservation of heritage stairs, historic pathways, historic light posts and fence posts. Land Solution Australia will produce detailed dimensional analysis to enable future reconstruction and to provide scaled drawings from the 3D point cloud survey that will include 3D render, plans, sections and elevations in accordance with the Department of Environment and Heritage protection guidelines.

Photograph north of Brisbane area.

  IMG_20170703_113922  IMG_20170703_114745  IMG_20170703_113915  IMG_20170703_085230

Just a few photographs of the 2nd project site before construction commences.

IMG_20170612_070155  IMG_20170612_070235  IMG_20170612_070806

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