Griffith University Aquatic Centre

Griffith University Aquatic Centre now completed. Surveying requirements have kept both of our surveyors busy providing As-con surveying to the principal contractor and those subcontractors working on this exciting project.

During the last 12 months, the Land Solution team have worked closely with the various subcontractors to provide all their surveying needs such as in-ground plumbing installations, landscaping and excavation works.

Griffith University Aquatic Centre as-con surveying, set-out and as-built surveying meant working closely with the principal contractor and subcontractors to meet their timeframes to produce an Fina accredited 50 metre swimming pool at the Aquatic Centre.

griffith-university-aquatic-centre-site  griffith-university-aquatic-centre-swimming-pool  griffith-university-aquatic-centre-new-swimming-pool  griffith-university-aquatic-centre-installing-pilings

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