Gabba Flood Lights

Gabba Flood lights upgraded.  The upgrade requires replacing the current Gabba flood lights with 50 x new flood lights, per tower and will have new aiming points with the intention of increasing lighting levels within the infield and wicket area.

Working closely with their client, Land Solution Australia were required to find each point and place a numbered marker board at that point. The aim is for each flood light to have a predetermined point on the ground.

The Gabba Flood lights survey setout will involve Flood light Aiming and Light level Measurements to ensure the scope of works required by their client to remove 50 x existing flood lights per light tower and replace with 50 x new Gabba Flood Lights is completed per scope timeframe.


  total-station-for-setout-survey at the Gabba  todd-surveying-at-the-gabba  points-from-tower-4-gabba  todd-early-morning-survey-at-the-gabba

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